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It`s been an unusual time for me because I`m starting to enter the World of Blog.A World where I know I`m the smallest creature that needs to explore the totality of it.

In my Blog i will tackle everything around Philippines showcasing its Tourist`s spot/attraction, Hotels and Resorts, Malls and Shoppings, Restaurants and Coffee shops, Filipino Artists and Celebrities at the same time World greatest Talents and Hollywood stars.


November 14, 2009 at 8:45 AM Shane John


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John`s World One Line Description Avatar Logo I enjoy Philippines with all its wonders. We are rich in cultures and traditions, from foods,music and of course the filipino lifestyle. We`re one of the most talented country in the whole world,and we excel in different fields of talents. Philippines have lots of hidden beauties, awaits for all of us to see,and that`s why I`m very proud to be a Filipino.

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